*Welcome to
PALS 2014* 

July 2014

Did you enjoy any NAIDOC week activities?  There was so much going on that we hope you got the chance to get involved.

How are your PALS projects going?

PALS projects will be due in by the
19 September 2014, and we are really looking forward to seeing how schools went towards achieving their goals.

The PALS Team will soon be circulating information about how to submit your PALS project into the
 2014 PALS Awards process.  

In the meantime...we encourage you to
document your project progress!
 Take some photos, record students experiences, produce some art work and build up a good collection of everything the PALS project allows your school/students to achieve. 

Not only will this collection reward you when reflecting on the journey later, but the PALS Team will have a really great submission to review and be able to truly appreciate your schools efforts.

Make sure you contact the PALS Team at pals@daa.wa.gov.au or on
08 6551 8051 if you have any queries about the submission process.
We are always happy to help!

PALS Applications have now closed, however, register your interest for 2015 or sign up for a newsletter by sending the PALS Team an email, pals@daa.wa.gov.au.